Recent Submissions

  • Endogeic earthworm densities increase in response to higher fine root production in a forest exposed to elevated CO2 

    Sánchez-de León, Yaniria; Wise, David, H.; Lugo-Pérez, Javier; Norby, Richard, J.; James, Samuel, W.; Gonzalez-Meler, Miquel, A. (Elsevier, 2018-07)
    Net primary productivity (NPP) influences soil food webs and ultimately the amount of carbon (C) inputs in ecosystems. Earthworms can physically protect organic matter from rapid mineralization through the formation of ...
  • Evolutionary history and gene flow of an endemic Island oak: Quercus Pacifica 

    Backs, Janet Rizner; Ashley, Mary V. (Botanical Society of America Inc., 2016-12)
    Premise of the study: Understanding historical patterns of colonization and subsequent gene flow clarifies the evolutionary origins and history of endemic island species. Methods: Here we use DNA microsatellite markers ...
  • The foraging response of gerbils to a gradient of owl numbers 

    Juliana, Justin R. St.; Kotler, Burt P.; Brown, Joel S.; Mukherjee, Shomen; Bouskila, Amos (Evolutionary Ecology, 2011-11)
    Background: While many studies have addressed a prey’s behavioural responses to predators, very few have tested how the prey’s anti-predator behaviour changes as a function of predator number. Hypotheses: Encounter rate ...