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  • Nostalgia is a Muse 

    Rehman, Jalees (, 2016-03-28)
    The University of Southampton researchers Constantine Sedikides and Tim Wildschut have spent the past decade studying the benefits of nostalgia. Not only do they disavow its disease status, they have conducted numerous ...
  • Shame on You, Shame on Me: Shame as an Evolutionary Adaptation 

    Rehman, Jalees (, 2016-02-29)
    Can shame be good for you? We often think of shame as a shackling emotion that thwarts our individuality and creativity. A sense of shame could prevent us from choosing a partner we truly love, speaking out against societal ...
  • Image noise reduction technology reduces radiation in a radial-first cardiac catheterization laboratory 

    Gunja, A.; Pandey, Y.; Xie, H.; Wolska, B.M.; Shroff, A.R.; Ardati, Amer K.; Vidovich, M.I. (Elsevier, 2016-11-14)
    Background: Transradial coronary angiography (TRA) has been associated with increased radiation doses. We hypothesized that contemporary image noise reduction technology would reduce radiation doses in the cardiac ...
  • The Science Mystique 

    Jalees, Rehman (, 2013-02-04)
    The Science Mystique can impinge on the rigor of science by conveying a false sense of certainty.
  • Philosophical Moods 

    Jalees, Rehman (, 2013-04-01)
    An introduction to the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk and his version of "TED talks" on selected philosophers such as Marx, Sartre and Plato.
  • Haikus and Landays in Science 

    Rehman, Jalees (, 2014-02-03)
  • FC Bayern Munich: Too Jewish for the Nazis 

    Jalees, Rehman (, 2014-05-26)
    Konrad Heitkamp was taken aback by the extraordinary ordinariness present in the lobby of the Zurich hotel. In November of 1943, life in Zurich seemed unperturbed by the fact that the countries surrounding Switzerland were ...
  • The Psychology of Procrastination: How We Create Categories of the Future 

    Rehman, Jalees (, 2014-08-18)
    Paying bills, filling out forms, completing class assignments, or submitting grant proposals – we all have the tendency to procrastinate. We may engage in trivial activities such as watching TV shows, playing video games, ...
  • The “Invisible Web” Undermines Health Information Privacy 

    Rehman, Jalees (, 2015-05-25)
    The study Privacy Implications of Health Information Seeking on the Web, conducted by Tim Libert at the Annenberg School for Communication (University of Pennsylvania), shows that we have a for more nonchalant attitude ...
  • Prescribing Death 

    Rehman, Jalees (Hurst, 2013-05-01)
  • The Long Shadow of Nazi Indoctrination: Persistence of Anti-Semitism in Germany 

    Rehman, Jalees (, 2015-06-22)
    Anti-Semitism and the holocaust are among the central themes in the modern German secondary school curriculum. During history lessons in middle school, we learned about anti-Semitism and the persecution of Jews in Europe ...
  • A Parched Future: Global Land and Water Grabbing 

    Rehman, Jalees (, 2013-01-07)
    Land grabbing refers to the large-scale acquisition of comparatively inexpensive agricultural land in foreign countries by foreign governments or corporations. In most cases, the acquired land is located in under-developed ...
  • Tapping Into the Creative Potential of Our Elders 

    Rehman, Jalees (, 2013-11-11)
  • Is Internet-Centrism a Religion? 

    Rehman, Jalees (, 2014-03-03)
  • Sharing Our Sorrow Via Facebook 

    Rehman, Jalees (, 2014-03-31)
    Geteiltes Leid ist halbes Leid (“Shared sorrow is half the sorrow”) is a popular German proverb that refers to the importance of sharing bad news and troubling experiences with others. The process of sharing takes on many ...
  • Moral Time: Does Our Internal Clock Influence Moral Judgments? 

    Rehman, Jalees (, 2014-10-13)
    Does morality depend on the time of the day? The study The Morning Morality Effect: The Influence of Time of Day on Unethical Behavior (1) published in October of 2013 by Maryam Kouchaki and Isaac Smith suggested that ...
  • Does Literary Fiction Challenge Racial Stereotypes? 

    Rehman, Jalees (, 2014-04-28)
    Reading literary fiction can be highly pleasurable, but does it also make you a better person? Conventional wisdom and intuition lead us to believe that reading can indeed improve us. However, as the philosopher Emrys ...
  • Does Thinking About God Increase Our Willingness to Make Risky Decisions? 

    Rehman, Jalees (, 2015-03-02)
    Daniella Kupor and her colleagues at Stanford University have recently published the paper Anticipating Divine Protection? Reminders of God Can Increase Nonmoral Risk Taking (1), which takes a new look at the link between ...
  • The Dire State of Science in the Muslim World 

    Rehman, Jalees (, 2015-12-07)
    Universities and the scientific infrastructures in Muslim-majority countries need to undergo radical reforms if they want to avoid falling by the wayside in a world characterized by major scientific and technological ...
  • Glutamine Metabolism Regulates the Pluripotency Transcription Factor OCT4 

    Rehman, Jalees; Marsboom, Glenn (Elsevier (Cell Press), 2016-07-12)
    The molecular mechanisms underlying the regulation of pluripotency by cellular metabolism in human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) are not fully understood. We found that high levels of glutamine metabolism are essential to ...

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