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  • Spindle cell sarcomatoid carcinoma of the trachea: first case report of surgical resection 

    Gurria, Juan P.; De Acosta, David M.; Hafezi, Niloufar; Yousif, Eman B.; AlAmeer, Ehab; Anderson, Richard C. (BioMed Central, 2016-08-05)
    Background: Primary malignant tracheal tumors are rare, accounting for approximately 0.2 % of respiratory tract tumors yearly, with squamous cell carcinomas and adenoid cystic carcinomas accounting for two-thirds of ...
  • Molecular mechanisms of hepatic apoptosis 

    Wang, Kewei (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-01-16)
    Apoptosis is a prominent feature of liver diseases. Causative factors such as alcohol, viruses, toxic bile acids, fatty acids, drugs, and immune response, can induce apoptotic cell death via membrane receptors and intracellular ...
  • Standardized Transportation of Human Islets: An Islet Cell Resource Center Study of More Than 2,000 Shipments 

    Kaddis, John S.; Hanson, Matthew S.; Cravens, James; Qian, Dajun; Olack, Barbara; Antler, Martha; Papas, Klearchos K.; Iglesias, Itzia; Barbaro, Barbara; Fernandez, Luis; Powers, Alvin C.; Niland, Joyce C. (Cognizant Communication Corporation, 2013)
    Preservation of cell quality during shipment of human pancreatic islets for use in laboratory research is a crucial, but neglected, topic. Mammalian cells, including islets, have been shown to be adversely affected by ...
  • Transcriptome Analysis of Epigenetically Modulated Genome Indicates Signature Genes in Manifestation of Type 1 Diabetes and Its Prevention in NOD Mice 

    Jayaraman, Sundararajan; Patel, Akshay; Jayaraman, Arathi; Patel, Vasu; Holterman, Mark; Prabhakar, Bellur (Public Library of Science, 2013-01)
    Classic genetic studies implicated several genes including immune response genes in the risk of developing type 1 diabetes in humans. However, recent evidence including discordant diabetes incidence among monozygotic twins ...
  • Implication of Mitochondrial Cytoprotection in Human Islet Isolation and Transplantation 

    Wang, Yong; Mendoza-Elias, Joshua E.; Qi, Meirigeng; Harvat, Tricia A.; Ahn, Sang Joon; Lee, Dongyoung; Gutierrez, Diana; Jeon, Hyojin; Paushter, Daniel; Oberholzer, José (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2012)
    Islet transplantation is a promising therapy for type 1 diabetes mellitus; however, success rates in achieving both short- and longterm insulin independence are not consistent, due in part to inconsistent islet quality ...