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    • Erbium(III) Coordination at the Surface of an Aqueous Electrolyte 

      Bera, MK; Luo, G.; Schlossman, ML; Soderholm, L.; Lee, S.; Antonio, MR (American Chemical Society, 2015)
      Grazing-incidence (GI) X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) under conditions of total external reflection is used to explore the coordination environment of the trivalent erbium ion, Er3+, at an electrolyte-vapor interface. ...
    • Fundamental Studies of d-Band Transition Metal Alloys 

      Gomez, Carolina (2013-10-31)
      This thesis will attempt to make some small contribution toward our understanding of how particle size effects, alloy effects and support effects impact the performance of heterogeneous catalysis. As a starting point, in ...