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    • Kant's Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Epistemic Normativity 

      Hadisi, Reza (2018-08-15)
      In my dissertation, I provide a reading of Kant’s strategy in answering what I call the question of grounding epistemic normativity: why are rational agents obligated to follow epistemic rules? In the first half of the ...
    • Kant's Response to Hume in the Second Analogy 

      Vatansever, Saniye (2015-10-21)
      This dissertation project aims to solve −what I call− Kant’s “problem of empirical laws,” a problem concerning the coherence of Kant's claims that empirical laws as laws express a kind of necessity, and as empirical judgments ...
    • Kant, Hume, and the Notion of Material Substance 

      Brewer, Cameron D. (2013-06-28)
      In A Treatise of Human Nature, David Hume claims that the concept of substance, be it material or immaterial substance, is a fiction of the imagination. He maintains that we have no justification for positing the existence ...